Luigi Maurizi

From his grandfather he inherited the name and the wisdom of a craftsman.
Wood taught him patience.
In nature he finds the perfection of mathematical harmony.
If it were a tool of the trade it would be a numerical control machine, the forge of creation.
If it were a product of his own creation it would be a well-furnished room, where each element finds its raison d’être in a mutual relationship and in relation to the context.
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The Company

The history of the Maurizi family tells the story of a past of wicker and bamboo weavers, dedicated – since 1940 – to the creation of furnishing accessories and decorative elements.
Following in the footsteps of tradition and keeping the promises of excellence Made in Italy, Luigi took the family business forward into the 2000’s. Today the company bears witness to the evolution of a brand that is renewed through the quality of its design and the choice of tested and guaranteed raw materials.

Made in Le Marche

The productive district of Macerata is a land of arts and ancient trades that are handed down in the artisan workshops, today flourishing enterprises, internationally recognized.
Since the Second World War, the small hilly village nestled between the Sibillini Mountains and the Adriatic Riviera has been a renowned “craft centre”, as written on the road signs that welcome those who come to Mogliano.
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